Our medical biosphere, especially the vascular discipline, is constantly changing and we all expect transparency and fairness for ourselves and our customers for whatever decisions were been in the past and will be in the future.

This topic obviously also influences our business field in the corporation between physicians and as us an industry partner.

We are as a distributor for vascular devices from W.L. Gore & Ass. Inc. and EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES fully committed to contributing to a more transparent and less impervious and incomprehensible business behaviour in the participation of events in our Swiss country and abroad.

With this statement, PROVAS AG and all his employees declare to disclose all information and without equivocation work within the principles of transparency.

We will conform to the «MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice» and «Mecomed Codes» which prohibit direct sponsorships for Health Care Professionals to attend third-party educational events. Permitted arrangements are Company-organized training and educational programs or hospital requests in grant or donation.

The focus of our daily doing will always remain in the everlasting enhancement of physicians and nurses, and furthermore, in providing the patient’s best treatment.

Exchanging knowledge, especially new techniques and improved procedures is essential to medical progress.

The main dedication of our participations at educational events is to create a space for communication and interaction with colleagues around the world and therefore, we promote our customers to become skilled in new methods and procedures for the improvement in the therapy of patient’s vascular diseases.


Martin Steppacher


April, 2017